1Win Uganda| Risk Disclosure

Gambling and betting online are associated with plenty of risks. For example, there may be problems you face because of losing money or gambling addiction. This is the reason why every 1Win Uganda user should understand and accept all the consequences they may face before signing up.

1Win Risk Disclosure: Key Points

Here is a list of the main points related to Risk Disclosure that you should consider.

  • All 1Win users should understand that by playing casino games and wagering on sports, they face risks of losing money.
  • Remember that 1Win does not provide games that can guarantee you a cash prize, even if they are skill-based.
  • Always consider the peculiarities of the jurisdiction you are from before registering on the site. The fact is there is a list of countries where online gambling is restricted by law. 1Win, in turn, is not eligible to provide users with consultations or advice about the legality of gambling/betting in a particular jurisdiction.
  • 1Win does not provide guarantees that available products or services fully comply with the local gambling laws of a particular jurisdiction. Thus, it is the user’s choice whether to use services or not. The site’s customers decide on their own whether to use or not available services from the security point of view. You register on the platform, deposit funds, use available services, and withdraw money at your own sole discretion.

It is crucial to get acquainted with the points described above before joining 1Win. Always clearly understand the rules 1Win sets and the potential consequences you may face in case of their violation. Also, remember the basic Responsible Gambling rules to follow.